Friday, April 17, 2009

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The world can be a cruel, cruel place to live in. The Reel Life knows this all to well. It seems no matter how hard we work at it, we won't hit that $6 million Mega Moolah online gambling But that complaint pales in comparison to the fortune of a police officer in St. Louis.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Officer Kristopher Weston was proclaimed a hero after arresting a murder suspect that was hiding UK online casinos in some bushes. A few hours later, the mayor of East St. Louis called Weston in front of the City Council to praise him for his heroic actions.

The words 'Gin' and 'tonic' now have a totally different meaning to 41-year-old Nicholas Mouna. The Information Management coordinator from Norwich can now splash out on more than a few drinks for family and friends ---- the new 'Gin Joint' slot game on William Hill free casino has just giving him the massive 'tonic' of a £81,573 windfall.

When William Hill added the new 'Gin Joint' slot game with a progressive jackpot in bingo games March it quickly became one of Nick's favorites - and now he has a reason to like the game even more.

Commenting on his win, Nick said, It was amazing watching my account grow bigger and bigger. I thought this sort of thing only happened to other people, but I have been proven wrong! I really enjoy all the games on the

Monday, December 8, 2008

Deal Me In: Munchin' on casino freebies

A quick refresher for those not familiar with Pai Gow Poker: each player is dealt seven cards with which he must make two hands based on poker rankings casino online a front hand of two cards and a back hand of five cards. The five-card hand must outrank the two-card hand. In the play you described, you put the King/Queen up front, but was it the right move?

Granted, you won, but the King/Queen two-card hand might not have been powerful enough, because, although there was no way possible for the casino gambling dealer to beat your five-card hand, the rules of Pai Gow Poker are that you win only if you defeat the banker on both your front and back hands.

A "copy," or push, always goes to the banker, and a King/Queen would only have given you bragging rights to catching five Aces against a banker's kind casino bonus King/Queen, and it would definitely lose in the front against a small pair. Keeping those five Aces together puts your weak two-card hand at risk.

Wisdom of the Week: "The boring thing about video poker is that internet bingo once you learn the correct strategy, unlike real poker, there's nothing left to learn." --VP Pappy. There are many types of sub games into the online gambling and casinos.

Also in online gambling there are no meeting between the two parties. The people make deal on to the internet. Which is very interesting.